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Michelle Branch Releasing A New Album And It Feels Like 2003 All Over Again

Michelle Branch has been one of the most popular singers during the ’00s. Kids who grew up listening to her hits have been wondering what she has been up to after leaving the music scene. After an unfortunate divorce filing, the Game of Love hit maker is finally back.

Michelle Branch’s hiatus and her new found love

Entertainment Weekly reports that the 33-year-old singer is making a comeback this year. If you are still wondering what happened and why she took a long break, complicated is just an understatement. The same outlet reports that Branch allegedly experienced problems with her onetime label that shelved two of her releases. She released a six-song EP in 2010 entitled Everything Comes and Goes. But it did not get much hype owing to the delays in production.

This year, Branch is releasing her album Hopeless Romantic on April 7. This is her first full-length album since 2003. The same outlet also reports that Branch’s return is actually a bold move for her. It is because she had problems with her onetime label that shelved two of her releases.

In 2015, the singer-songwriter met the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney during the Grammys party and talked about her next career move. It wasn’t long before she hit the studio with him to work on her fourth LP.

Michelle Branch: A fresh sound this year

After the dust settled, Branch and Carney worked together to once again bring back the passion she thought she almost lost.

“Patrick was like, ‘This is your record, it has to sound like you,'” Branch fondly recalls. She went on to say how that was the first time someone pushed her to figure it out all on her own. What came out of that encounter was her discovery of a new sound. “It was a laid-back rock and roll sound, with deeply personal lyrics,” inspired by her divorce and surprisingly, her “budding” romance with Carney.

“The lust, the love, the heartbreak — it’s all there,” Branch said.

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