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Michael Weatherly: Find Out What Actor Misses The Most About NCIS

Although he has been gone since season 13, fans still miss Michael Weatherly and his character Tony DiNozzo. His charm, humor, and relationship with Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs will always be remembered by devoted NCIS fans. But does the actor miss NCIS?

Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo Jr. is one of the agents assigned under Jethro Gibbs. He used to be a homicide detective until Gibbs recruited him in NCIS. He is known as the goofball of the group and hits on any woman he encounters. He is also the agent who receives the most of Gibbs’ iconic head slaps. He is also known for his on-off relationship with fellow agent Ziva David.

Michael Weatherly on NCIS: “I miss the camaraderie”

After leaving NCIS to star on CBS’ comedy-drama show Bull, Cinema Blend reported that Weatherly misses the set in NCIS. The actor claimed that he missed his former co-stars, the staff, and being able to goof around with them.

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“I miss the camaraderie. The people, smiles and laughter–I miss all of them,” Weatherly said. He also added that he misses DiNozzo’s humor.

“But I also have a great time shooting Bull! I have a lot of laughs with the people there. My experience at NCIS was very satisfying. I said last time that it was a full circle so I was ready to move on and that’s what I did. I have no remorse about the decision I made,” the actor stated.

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Tony DiNozzo: Forever in Fans’ Hearts

Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo has been the root of comedy in NCIS ever since the first season. Fans remember him as the lovable character who always sticks with Leroy Jethro Gibbs, gets headslapped by his superior and making jokes about women and his peers.

His character has been one of the fan favorites in the show, and his love story with Ziva David boosted his character’s popularity even more. And with Michael Weatherly open to return in NCIS one day, fans may be able to get a glimpse of Tony DiNozzo even if it’s just one episode.

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