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Michael Schumacher Health Update: How The Family Is Dealing With Schumi’s Recovery

Michael Schumacher Health Update: Recently, the Formula One legend Michael Schumacher’s family took the social media to post updates and videos of Schumacher’s races.

Schumacher had a skiing accident back in 2013 which nearly cost his life. The racer was in a coma for some time before he was transferred to his home in Geneva to receive special treatment.

No Word From Schumacher Family

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Since the unfortunate accident, Schumacher’s family refused to disclose any information regarding the racer’s condition. Several speculations came up from the fans and unnamed Schumacher’s friend but the family denied rumors related to Michael Schumacher health update.

German Bunte Magazine once released a friend’s statement that Schumacher could walk and could raise his arm. The family, however, addressed this information as false. They filed a lawsuit where they had to disclose official health update about Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher Health Update: Privacy is Important

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Schumacher’s team disclosed information about Michael’s health for the court proceeding of their lawsuit against the Bunte magazine. Even though the false statement intended to make the fans at ease of his condition, it gave them false hopes. Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s manager, said “…given the seriousness of his (Schumacher) injuries, his provacy is very important for Michael.”

The latest update regarding Schumacher’s health came from Jean Todt, FIA President and Michael’s friend. According to Todt, he is still fighting for his recovery.

Why Won’t They Let Us Know What’s Happening To Michael?

Well wishers and fans of the F1 champion flood the social media. “Your strength is helping us”, says the Schumacher family in the official website regarding prayers for his recovery.

Some fans grow frustrated not hearing about their idol’s conditions and the family had been awfully silent regarding the matter. Could it be that Michael’s condition is much worse than we were led to believe? Throughout the years since his accident, statements regarding his health took fans on a roller coaster ride.

The reason for the family’s silence could be from the desire not to give false hopes to the fans. So, what is the real purpose of the social media accounts and the reposting of his achievements? Could this be another gimmick to raise people’s hype when the F1 racing legend makes a comeback? Stay tuned for more Michael Schumacher health updates.

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