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Michael Schumacher Health Update: Why Is His Family Keeping It A Secret

Will Weber is criticizing Michael Schumacher’s family for keeping Michael Schumacher health update a secret. When Schumacher won championships with Benetton and Ferrari, Weber was his manager.

He believed that the racer’s family is keeping the truth about Schumacher’s health condition. As quoted by Mirror, he told German magazine Bunte that the racer’s family was untruthful to the public.

Michael Schumacher health update: What is the truth?

Not much has been heard about Michael Schumacher health update since he suffered head injuries during a skiing incident in December 2013. His family remained mum. This outraged fans because they believe they have the right to know about the racer’s condition.

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Weber believes that it’s about time Schumacher’s family gives the racer’s fans a glimpse of what’s happening with their idol. “It’s time to pour pure wine for his millions of fans.” His family enforced a so-called media blackout about his condition since Schumacher was transferred to a remote island in a Swiss island.

His agent, Sabine Kehm, also believes that Schumacher’s health “is not a public issue.” Although the decision is difficult for his fans to understand, Kehm said the family believes this is in line with the racer’s attitude about his privacy.

The lack of news resulted to various rumors and speculations about the racer. There were earlier reports that he was able to walk a little, but this turned out to be a mere rumor. It forced the family to admit Schumacher did progress much.

Photos saw Michael bedridden?

Back in December 2016, the first photos of Schumacher since the horrible skiing incident were reportedly sold for £1million. A family friend allegedly smuggled these photos out of the racer’s villa for profit. No copy of those photos can be found now because German prosecutors insisted that they violate the racer’s “personal range of life.”

It is important that we heed the request of the racer’s family about Michael Schumacher health update. It’s time to give them the privacy they deserve because they shared Schumacher with us throughout the years he was active.

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