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Meghan Markle: Is She Being Primed To Be Like Kate Middleton

When reports surfaced about Prince Harry’s love life, many were ecstatic to find out who the lucky lady was. Apparently, Prince William’s younger brother was rumored to be dating Hollywood actress Meghan Markle.

Many know the 35-year-old actress on USA’s hit legal series Suits. Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have gone public about their relationship, is she really being poised to be like Duchess Kate Middleton?

Meghan Markle: What Is The Meg Effect?

When it comes to fashion, Kate Middleton’s exquisite taste comes second to none. The royal has caught the attention of many when it comes to her gorgeous outfits and accessories. However, with Markle linked to the royal family, many are saying that she could soon take over when it comes to having impeccable taste in fashion.

A report from OK Magazine revealed that the actress was recently seen sporting accessories that were quick to become trendy. Markle was seen wearing a personalized necklace from her “favorite” brand Missoma. The actress also chooses to have these pieces of jewelry customized to her own taste.

Fans are now thrilled to known that Markle actually has a frugal taste in clothes and jewelry. Unlike Kate who is known to have an expensive yet still exquisite taste when it comes to fashion. Sources tell the outlet that Markle loves jewelry that is “delicate and pretty” but doesn’t make you “feel guilty.” Soon, the Meg Effect may truly take over the Kate Effect.

Meghan Markle Adores Beautiful But Affordable Jewelry

Another report from Mail Online mentions how Meghan’s affordable fashion choices are drawing more followers to her side. The price tag on those Missoma pieces showed a huge difference compared to the Duchess’ expensive Asprey jewelry which she debuted last week. At a whopping £2,950, Middleton matched these with a £3,150-worth of pendant she already had.

Despite the difference in their tastes, both ladies always wear something new that wows the crowd. Because of the trend they start, websites crash, and the sales ultimately surge incredibly. As per the same outlet, the small London jewelry brand Missoma saw an increase of 5,000 visitors when Markle’s photos surfaced online.

Just last month, Markle and Middleton met for the very first time. Reports mentioned how the Duchess was very eager to meet Markle, knowing how “it was important for Harry” for the two of them to meet.

“They are very close and he really values her opinion on girlfriends,” a source told the publication.

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