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Meghan Markle: The Most Googled Actress Of 2016 And Her Romance With Prince Harry

Earlier this year, I started binge-watching Suits (because there’s nothing on Netflix and I wanted to start watching a series). I was smitten with Meghan Markle because she looks so different from the all-blonde, blue-eyed actresses we usually see on TV and movies. Little did I know that she would be the hottest trending topic by October.

In late October, it was revealed that the 35-year-old actress is dating Prince Harry, 32, son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. The impish redhead, the world’s most eligible bachelor, also happens to be fifth in line to the British throne. This led to people searching Google with “Who is Meghan Markle?”

So, who is Meghan Markle?

The Canadian actress play Rachel Zane in Suits, and is fast becoming a household name because of: 1. (let’s get real) Her relationship with Prince Harry; and 2. Her philanthropic activities (that makes her perfect to be a princess someday). Meghan Markle is biracial with an African-American mother and Caucasian father.

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Meghan Markle

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Mixed Girl Problems

She’s also divorced from her first husband, Trevor Engelson, which apparently made many people believe they can criticize her personal life. In fact, her half-sister was quoted as saying that Markle is a “shallow social climber” and that her behavior “is certainly not befitting of a Royal Family member.”

It is not clear how Markle and Prince Harry met. It is widely believed that they met while the Prince was in Toronto for the Invictus Games. The two immediately hit it off, and the Prince was smitten, even reportedly visiting her on the set of Suits.

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Queen Elizabeth II supportive of Harry’s relationship

A US Weekly article reported that no less than Queen Elizabeth II is “fully supportive” of her grandson’s relationship with Markle. The source said the queen, who has yet to meet the actress, is “delighted” to see the Prince in a loving relationship.

It’s not clear yet if Markle will get to meet the royals soon (it took Kate Middleton five years to meet the Queen). But hey, some says Meghan Markle might be sporting an engagement ring by Spring next year. Let’s see what happens in this royal romance!

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