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Markiplier Net Worth: A YouTuber Success Story

Though it’s hard to see behind 16 million subscribers, Markiplier wasn’t always the YouTube sensation he is today. The vlogger, who posts mostly horror game play-throughs with his own reactions, is one of the website’s most popular draws.

But before the Markiplier net worth estimates and his own hit count climbed to the figures they are today, he had to start small. What’s the Markiplier story really all about?

Starting Out Small

Back in 2012, Mark Edward Fischbach hit rock-bottom. He was basically broken, his then-girlfriend left him, and his relationships were floundering. With nothing left to lose, he spent a good deal of his remaining money purchasing some video equipment necessary to start a channel. And just like that, Markiplier was born.

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He didn’t have the benefit of a huge network of connections or anything like that to his advantage, either. He simply let his personality flow on-video, and let his gaming and his own witty, often-hilarious commentary took over. Markiplier started with games like Amnesia, and made a name for himself by becoming the “king” of Five Nights at Freddie’s. He got one subscriber, and that lit him up to keep making more videos. And then another subscription came, and another, and another. Before he knew it, Markiplier had a thousand subscribers, and then a million.

And yet, as his fanbase (and the revenue) continued to grow, Markiplier largely remained the same guy he was when he started out. That is, a guy who got by by his own hard work, an unerring sense of humor, and incredible gratefulness to the fans who supported him as the years went by. He’s at 16 million subscribers now, and still saying thank you at every milestone.

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Markiplier Net Worth – How Far Has He Gone?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Markiplier net worth estimates come up to about $9 million. And while he’s moved to Los Angeles to continue his career, he’s also maintained a huge sense of giving back: He’s held loads of charity Live Streams for various charities, according to a story by Morning Ledger – for animal welfare, cancer research, you name it.

Along with other YouTube stars like Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie (both of whom he’s shared videos with), Markiplier stands out today as real success story. Oh, and apparently, he’s make a pretty good date too.

Any thoughts on Markiplier net worth estimates and his rise to fame? Sound off below!

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