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Mark Harmon Health Update: The Latest About The NCIS Star

Even though fans don’t want to see the cancellation of NCIS Season 14, they are asking Mark Harmon to take a break because they fear for his Mark Harmon health update. They noticed recently that the 65-year-old actor was looking frail and thin in the hit CBS show. They think that Harmon should take some time off.

The actor plays the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, one of the central characters in the show. If he leaves the series, the producers will risk losing a lot of his character’s fans. In fact, what the fans want is for the actor to take a break instead of completely leaving the show.

Mark Harmon health update: What’s new with the actor?

There has been no word yet on Mark Harmon health update. The actor neither confirmed nor denied that he is suffering from some kind of illness. These are only speculations from the fans who noticed that he is looking frail in NCIS Season 14.

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Mark Harmon Health Update

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Harmon is not really active on social media, but he also hasn’t been seen in media events lately. That seems to be reason enough for the fans to think that something is wrong with him. However, neither the actor nor the show has said anything regarding such rumors.

Of course, the fact that NCIS has been steadily declining in ratings could also be another reason why there were rumors that NCIS Season 14 is going to be canceled.

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NCIS Season 15 is confirmed

Fans should not have to worry, though, because Season 15 has already been confirmed. For the show, desperate times call for desperate measures. This might mean the return of certain characters such as Michael Weatherly (Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo) and Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) to possibly replace Mark Harmon.

The show’s fans are certainly attached to the characters, and they cannot imagine the characters living because of external factors such as their health condition. If ever Harmon decides to leave the show, it has to be something about his character Gibbs, and not because he is overworking himself.

For now, fans are on the lookout for any Mark Harmon health update, hoping that it wouldn’t affect the show’s run.

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