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Mark Harmon Health: Star’s Recent Health Update Worries Fans

Miguel Ferrer is not the only NCIS actor who is surrounded with rumors. Mark Harmon, who portrays Leroy Jethro Gibbs, is also the center of the spotlight because of an alleged condition. Fans are worried over the Mark Harmon health issues and have been wondering whether they are true or not.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs has been around since the first season of NCIS. Along with Tony DiNozzo, Gibbs is a fan favorite that has earned a warm spot among the fans with his no nonsense attitude and trademark head slaps. If the health rumors are true, then fans might have to say goodbye to Gibbs in NCIS.

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Mark Harmon Health: Why Is the Actor Silent About the Rumors?

The Mark Harmon health rumors began when fans took note of the actor’s appearance on social media. Many claimed that Harmon lost a lot of weight and looked frail, which caused fans to worry. Speculations bloomed and fans even requested that the actor should be given time to rest and recover. In addition to the health issues, news about Mark Harmon leaving the show sprung in the internet.

However, GamenGuide reported that NCIS season 15 has already been confirmed. It was also reported that Mark Harmon signed a two-year contract during season 13, indicating that fans will still see Jethro Gibbs in the next installment of the show.

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Should the fans be worried?

Fans can take the news lightly because there is no confirmations from Mark Harmon or even CBS regarding the matter. However, that does not stop the fans from being worried because the actor’s appearance changed a lot during season 14. If ever the rumors are true, then Mark Harmon might leave NCIS to recover. There will be no more Jethro Gibbs despite the contract, as fans deem the actor’s health more important than anything.

Mark Harmon health may be perfectly fine as he is yet to open up. Whatever the reason for Harmon’s silence, all fans can do is wait until an official update is released regarding his health.

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