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Malia Obama In NYC: Single And Ready To Mingle During Her Gap Year

Now that Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia Obama is 18 and out in the world, it is a whole new ballgame. Not to mention, secret service aren’t around too!

Being the daughter of a president can have its fair share of perks and downsides. Perhaps, almost in equal measures. Thankfully for Malia Obama, she has found emancipation at the right time – at 18! In her defense, she will step into a world of aspirations and relationships among others. In her gap year, she’s in the city that never sleeps interning at Harvey Weinstein! Yeah, we know! Perks of being ex President’s daughter eh! However, Malia isn’t the one riding on her dad’s connection. She has her own thing and humility guiding her.

Malia Obama: Internship And College

Malia has had an earlier internship with HBO under Lena Dunham for the show, Girls. Also, Lena spoke to Howard Stern recently, recollecting Malia’s internship times. Accordingly, Lena has some nice things to say Malia, but not what came along with her – secret service! Perhaps, when Barack Obama was the President, it was only protocol that Malia gets accompanied by secret service.

As usual, the presence of the secret service was, well, secret! Hence, Lena didn’t have a clue about their presence too, until one day. On her way to the washroom, she was met with the secret service agents, thanks to Malia being in the washroom. Despite it being Lena’s turf, she had little to no choice in the matter. Lena’s recollection just goes on to prove how life is like for President’s family. Not anymore.

In the wake of Barack Obama’s step-down from Presidency, life has changed for the Obamas. Malia Obama will go to Harvard in the fall of 2017, but she’s New York bound, for now. Hollywood Life cites a source which spills beans on the private life of Malia. Case in point, the reports weighs-in on the prospects of Malia’s dating game. Not to mention, it reveals Malia’s crush on Canadian musician, Drake!

Malia’s Temperament

Just months ago, Malia was a subject of video showing her smoking in a shindig. Although, it remains obscure, netizens made a killing out of it. Forget the bad press, she wasn’t even 18 then. Much like her parents, she is said to be a fun-loving and jovial person. The Obamas always had a positive attitude towards art and culture, needless to say.

There are no official confirmation of Malia’s penchant towards Drake. It was obviously from the grapevine, which is better put to rest. Moving further, Malia is about to embark on a Harvard journey that will take her through most of the adult lifestyle. Relationships being one of the key players, Malia won’t come as an exception too. Matter of time before she chooses a partner and get on with her career.

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