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Maisie Williams: Why Is She the Only One Fighting for Dolphins?

Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones actress, has taken it upon herself to fight for the cause of dolphins. She is taking a stand and urging people to stop attending marine shows. She started her career with the character portrayal of Arya Stark.

Maisie Williams is one amongst the few stars in Hollywood who voices her support for the rights of animals. At 19 years of age, she has taken a grave concern into her hands. She is protesting the capture and killings of dolphins in Japan.

Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project began when dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry voiced his concerns against the Taiji dolphin killing. Williams is now the brand ambassador of the Dolphin Project.

Maisie Williams’ Strong Statements About Dolphin Injustice

Williams said, “These animals travel the ocean. That’s what they explore daily. No tank will be big enough. No tank will ever be deep enough, ever be exciting enough,” reports Fox News.  The celeb has an impressive social media reach with four million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million on Twitter.

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Maisie Williams also made it clear that her protest was not against Japan or Taiji but against the cruel practice against dolphins. She feels strongly about the cause just like other celebrities who have taken similar measures against injustice.

Other Celebs Who Voiced Support for Animals

Ian Somerhalder is a self-proclaimed animal lover. He also speaks for the adoption of pets. He also runs an Ian Somerhalder Foundation, a green organization aiming to promote conservation and end animal extinction. Somerhalder also supports no-kill animal shelters and actions against animal cruelty.

Reality show X-Factor judge Simon Cowell works with PETA to voice his support for animals. He vehemently opposes those who leave their pets in cars and is disgusted with the trade of animal fur.

An member of the 'Taiji Dolphin Action Group' is curled up on a sheet depicting blood on the Japanese flag, during a protest against the killing of dolphins. Source: Independent

An member of the ‘Taiji Dolphin Action Group’ is curled up on a sheet depicting blood on the Japanese flag, during a protest against the killing of dolphins. Source: Independent

Maisie Williams has very few voices in support for her cause like Sean Penn and Gwyneth Paltrow. These celebrities are urging Barack Obama not to sign an international trade agreement with Japan until the country bans the slaughter of dolphins.

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