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The Main Reason For EXID Solji Hiatus

Fans were shocked when the news of EXID Solji hiatus was announced. According to Banana Culture, after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, the EXID leader will take an indefinite hiatus. This means that EXID will continue their promotions as a 4-member group.

EXID is a six-member girl group who debuted in February 2012. EXID went through several line-up changes and finally became a quintet a few months after their debut. Although they did not achieve immediate success, they gained recognition in 2014 with their single Up  & Down. The group made a comeback with L.I.E last June and also released their first Chinese single Cream.

Hyperthyroidism: The Cause for EXID Solji Hiatus

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On Dec. 20, Banana Culture released a statement regarding EXID Solji hiatus. According to the statement, Solji has been suffering from fever and the protrusion of her eyes. After a series of check ups from doctors, it was confirmed that Solji has hyperthyroidism. The company ended their message with a promise that they will do their best to help the vocalist recover.

“Solji plays a very important role in the team and we will do our best to support her until she gets well. We are sorry that we worry you and thank you for the support you gave us all this time,” Banana Culture said.

Hyperthyroidism is a condition when the thyroid gland produces too much T3 and T4 hormones. According to Mayo Clinic, this disease is more common in women than in men. Treatment is easy but complications like brittle bones and heart problems will follow if treatment is not received immediately.

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A Letter for L.E.G.Os

After the EXID Solji hiatus announcement, the group’s leader and vocalist took it to Instagram to reach out to her fans. According to Koreaboo, the singer uploaded a drawing of a smiling flower with a positive caption regarding her recovery.

“I’ll come back healthy as soon as I can. I’m sorry for worrying you all. Thank you and I love you! Fighting!” the singer posted.

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