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Mahershala Ali: The Proud Muslim With An Oscar Nomination

In the times as perilous as these when xenophobia and racism is aplenty, Mahershala Ali stands more than an actor – a symbol of hope.

Perhaps, the avid fans of House of Cards will swear by the quality of Mahershala Ali. Moonlight gave him the right platform to make a larger statement, after all. Not only did the role bring him the recognition he rightfully deserves, but also gave him an Oscar nomination. His nomination isn’t merely about any actor getting a nomination, his ethnicity and religion speaks volumes against the rampant xenophobia around.

Mahershala Ali: Interview

ABC News‘ host spoke to Mahershala in the wake of Screen Actors Guild [SAG] win and lists a few things to know about him. Case in point, the 42-year-old actor is a proud Muslim. During the SAG award acceptance speech, he reveals that his mother and him belong to different faith, but accept it as it is. “We love each other”, he says, “faith has nothing to do with it”.

On a different note, Mahershala is being dubbed as the favorite to win the Oscar award in the supporting actor category. Thanks to his overwhelming role in Moonlight, the Academy recognizes it and so do the critics. Besides, it’s the roles such as Juan in Moonlight that commands respect and recognition.

Mahershala Ali has a deep connection with his role in the movie, reportedly. Even to an extent that he misses being Juan in the aftermath of the filming. Additionally, he revealed in an earlier interview that he had profound feeling about the role merely by reading the script. No doubt he could pull it off flawlessly.

Career So Far

Mahershala is no outsider to show business, firstly. He had roles in lesser known shows like Alphas and Crossing Jordan. His breakthrough role came in the form of Remy Danton of House of Cards, of course. Even though he didn’t have significant prominence in the Netflix series, the role was intricate and alluring.

Not to mention, he plays an adversary in Marvel’s Luke Cage. Roles such as this has landed him opposite Christopher Waltz in James Cameron’s next. Coming to Mahershala’s personal life, he was mostly a shy guy in college. It was then that he first met his future wife, Amatus Sami-Karim. An artist by her own right, Amatus had her fair share of difficulties throughout. Perhaps, Mahershala’s convictions and compassion brought them together. Mahershala’s story is a testament to the existence of abundance in people – the same people met with contempt.

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