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Little Mix Touch Video: Jesy Nelson Photoshopped Allegations Evidently Not True

Girl group Little Mix released a new music video for their song Touch. Upon seeing the video, viewers were quick to speculate that member Jesy Nelson looked “photoshopped.” These allegations sparked outrage among fans saying how Nelson’s body did not need any changes to make her look slimmer. Now, to prove that no digital changes were made to any of its members, the group released an exclusive behind-the-scenes footage on their Facebook page.

Little Mix Touch Video: No Digital Transformation Happened

A report from Mirror revealed that it was actually the background that made Nelson’s “midsection” distorted. The makers of the music video went on to say that it was the wavy lines that made it seem that Nelson’s body was “edited” to make her waist look smaller. Upon closer inspection, the brand new footage definitely clears out the air that no transformation was made to any of Little Mix’s members.

The publication posted photos of Nelson with clear call outs of where the vagueness started to seep in. In one of the stills, Nelson is seen standing in the center. The confusion intensified when it seemed like it was only her against the distorted lines in the background, rather than being surrounded with her co-members Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirwall.

Little Mix Touch Video: Girl Group Responds To ‘Sexual’ Rumors

Now that the issue has been put to rest, the group spoke up about their sexual outfits and dance moves. Pinnock admitted that the scenes they do now is more “touchy-feely.” This is because she and the girls consider the group to be “grown up.”

“We are young women, and I think it’s a natural progression,” she added. “So we’ve got all the intense choreography to do and Jesy just headbutted Leigh-Anne and bust her lip open,” Edwards said in the the behind-the-scenes footage.

Fans have now taken a backseat, after lashing out at the group when the footage first dropped. “I love this video but the fact they edited Jesminda’s body makes me so mad,” one YouTube comment read.

“Jesy is such a good role model for people who don’t necessarily fit into society’s view of what a woman’s body should look like,” another comment read.

Since the group’s rose to fame, Nelson has always bravely spoken up about her figure. She slammed those who subjected her to abuse and ugly remarks about her body.

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