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Lindsay Lohan Urges Everyone To Join President Donald Trump

Lindsay Lohan takes a different approach regarding today’s issue of travel ban from the other celebrities. In her Facebook Live session, the Mean Girls actress urged everyone to join President Donald Trump. She also called for unity among everyone and takes the philosophy of “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

Lindsay Lohan Scared Of Going Back To The US

Lohan revealed that she felt scared of coming back to the US after being out of the country for quite some time. She says that her personal beliefs made her feel fear about her own country. However, she never clarified what those ‘personal beliefs’ were.

Lindsay says that she has not converted to Islam despite studying the Holy Quran for quite some time now. She says that it’s a beautiful religion and that she’s a spiritual person. Lohan says that no one can convert to another religion overnight and that finding the right religion is a personal journey for her.

Lohan Wants To Meet Donald Trump

In her interview with the DailyMail, Lohan expressed her interest in meeting Donald Trump. She says that she learned a lot from her stay in Turkey and that US must take Turkey’s example. According to her, the country does good things for the refugees and how much US can help Turkey.

The actress urged Trump to visit Turkey and see for himself the worsening situation of the refugees. Lindsay believes that if Trump sees how the refugees live their lives, he might change his mind regarding the immigration ban.

Mean Girls 2 Possibly Entitled Mean Moms

Meanwhile, Lindsay already imagined the plot for the possible Mean Girls 2. Lindsay told Mail Online that a sequel for the movie would be great as she pitched the most wonderful idea. She said that Mean Girls 2 should cast the original main character but this time, they all have kids of their own.

Lindsay would adopt kids from Africa or anything for a funny plot. She says that she could talk to Mean Girls producer Lorne Michaels about the idea. The writer Tina Fey hopefully would agree to the idea and then we will have Mean Girls 2.

Her former co-stars Amanda Seyfreid now pregnant with her first child with fiance Thomas Sadoski. She just wrapped up her current project with Paul Schrader will come out in 2018.

Another co-star who played the iconic role Regina George will star in the upcoming Game Night by Warner Bros which will open in February 2018. Lacey Chabert, however, will act as the main lead in the feature film Acre Beyond The Rye which will be released this 2017.

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