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Lindsay Lohan Shaken After Airport Ordeal With Headscarf

Lindsay Lohan has been making headlines off late. First, she spoke about Mean Girl 2 sequel that got everyone excited. However, her recent statement has steered towards a political stand. The actress had an unpleasant experience at Heathrow airport.

According to Lindsay Lohan, she was “racially profiled” for wearing a headscarf at Heathrow airport. The actress has gone through a personal turmoil and is just beginning to return to the spotlight. Her recent statements about life in general, cut a very different picture as compared to her old self.

Lindsay Lohan Airport Screening Controversy

Lindsay Lohan is actively working amongst Syrian refugees off late. She also surprised a lot of her fans back in USA when she was seen carrying a copy of Quran (Islam’s Holy Book) with her. She faced a lot of criticism for embracing or even exploring another religion.

In an interview later she said, “I was a bad person for holding that Quran. I was so happy to leave and go back to London after that. Because I felt so unsafe in my own country after this. I mean, people were, like, horrible to me.”

Aktris asal Amerika Serikat Lindsay Lohan mengatakan dia takut pulang ke negaranya setelah melakukan serangkaian perjalanan di Timur Tengah. ⠀ "Saya takut pulang ke sini (New York) setelah apa yang terjadi karena keyakinan saya," kata dia dalam wawancara dengan Daily Mail, seperti dilansir stasiun televisi Al Arabiya, Rabu (15/2). ⠀ Ketakutan Lohan dikarenakan Presiden Donald Trump sebelumnya memberlakukan kebijakan imigrasi yang melarang warga dari tujuh negara muslim masuk ke AS. Selama kunjungan ke Uni Emirat Arab, Kuwait, dan Turki, Lohan mengatakan dia sedang mempelajari Alquran dan menyebut Islam sebagai agama yang indah. Dalam kunjungannya di Kuwait, Lohan pekan lalu mengatakan dia sudah mulai membaca Alquran terjemahan bahasa Inggris dan belajar salat. (Source: Merdeka) ⠀ Follow, like, komentar dan tag temanmu untuk ikut bersama kita guys! #kamuharustau #indozone ➖➖➖ #indonesia #jakarta #medan #surabaya #bandung #jogja #makassar #bali #aceh #papua #kalimantan #sulawesi #video #indovidgram #love #instagood #photooftheday #tbt #cute #instadaily #followme #happy #follow #selfie #picoftheday #alquran #lindsaylohan #islam

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While returning from Turkey, the Mean Girls actress was stopped by Heathrow airport officials allegedly because of her headscarf. She spoke to Good Morning Britain saying that she was stopped at the airport and asked to remove her headscarf. Lohan says, “She [an airport official] opened my passport and saw ‘Lindsay Lohan’ and started immediately apologizing.”

Though she adhered to the instructions of the security personnel, she began to think how would another woman “who doesn’t feel comfortable taking off her headscarf feel?” The actress says she was in shock after the incident.

Lohan even says that she is wary of returning to America considering what has been transpiring in the country. She was hinting at the stand that President Trump has taken against letting in refugees and also his seven Muslim nation ban. Lohan says, “I was scared to come here with everything going on because of my personal beliefs.”

Lohan Social Media Makeover

The actress recently deleted all her old pictures from Instagram and updated her bio to read ‘Alaikum salam’ which means ‘Peace be unto you’ in Arabic. It is a typical Muslim greeting. Many of her followers are sure that she has fully embraced Islam. One of the theories suggests that she wiped all her photos off Instagram to adhere to principles pertaining to women’s modesty as taught in Islam.

Lindsay Lohan has been openly supporting Turkey as well. One of her Instagram captions read, “This. Now. This moment. A moment in time. Is to forever exist. #peace #2017 #theworldisbiggerthan5 hashtag yourself to help the Turkish people and what they do everyday. #theyearoflindsaylohan #sevenwonders @rterdogan #lohanclub is a form of making others happy.”

Lohan Club is a new club in Athens for which apparently the actress will earn huge chunks of profit. The club opened last year and the actress has apparently committed to make 2-3 appearances every year.

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