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Lindsay Lohan Is So Broke She Can’t Afford A Driver

There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was at the top of the Hollywood spectrum, the same ones being occupied by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone (though, without the Oscar). We loved her so much, we can’t help but go over her films—Parent Trap and Mean Girls—to try to remember the girl we once knew.

At 30 years old, Lohan is far away from a Hollywood star as you can imagine. In fact, she’s so non-Hollywood she can’t even afford to hire her own chauffeur. She was recently interviewed on a British chat show, John Bishop: In Conversation With….

Whatever Happened To The Old Lindsay Lohan?

During her interview, Lindsay Lohan said that it’s hard to avoid the paparazzi in Los Angeles because they are paid to get into your car and shove the camera to your face. She certainly cannot follow the advice of her friends to hire a driver. The actress said drivers are so expensive.

Lindsay LohanPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of lohanmafia

We admit it can be hard for someone as controversial as her to walk in the parking lot and have to deal with the paparazzi. Lohan had some rough times in the past months, specifically when she was physically manhandled by her former fiancé in public. Thankfully, she got out of the relationship before it went really, really bad.

Asked where her $7-million-a-film went, Lohan said she doesn’t receive all of it. Of course, some of it goes to taxes, to her entourage, production assistants, etc. Besides, when was the last time Lohan made a film that didn’t actually tank at the box office?

Oh, it has been so long already, we cannot remember where we last saw her in a film. That’s such a shame because Lohan is one of the better actresses of her generation. She has perfect comedic timing and she has always been adorable on screen.

Lohan Starting A Hijab Fashion Line?

Meanwhile, there are also speculations that the actress will be starting a hijab fashion line for women. It is rumored that Lohan has converted to Islam, and she has been vocal about her love to study the Koran.

The speculations came after Lindsay Lohan posted a photo on Instagram where she was wearing a “hijab” to cover her face. This led many to say that the actress might be starting a modest fashion line that would cater to Muslim women.

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