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Lee Min Ho Net Worth Zooms Up!

Lee Min Ho is a popular face not only in South Korea but also in western countries. The Legend Of The Blue Sea actor is now enjoying immense popularity with his show. The show opposite Jun Ji Hyun is bringing in a fresh bout of stardom to his life.

Furthering cementing the reach of Lee Min Ho’s stardom, the Korean Business Research Institute released a list. The list contained names of those who have the highest brand reputations for the month of December. Guess, who made it to the list! Lee Min Ho and his co-star Jun Ji Hyun.

Lee Min Ho Trumped by Jun Ji Hyun Brand Reputations

Lee Min Ho’s popularity was slightly less than his co-star Jun Ji Hyun. She scored over him with a total brand reputation score of 9,570,099 while Lee’s value was put at 5,467,926. With the brand reputation ranking now published, it sure is going to increase Lee Min Ho’s net worth in some way. The actor now becomes the face of Lenovo ZUK Edge series

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On the personal front, the actor is facing barrage of questions on his relationship with Suzy Bae. Some even speculate that they might be getting married soon. In an interview with Hong Kong-based magazine New Monday, the actor mentioned that if he does get married, then he would his partner to be a friend. He also said that he would like for them to communicate often, reports Yibada.

Suzy Bae and Lee Min To Get Hitched?

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There might be some delay in both of them getting hitched as Lee has to go through the military enlistment. He has been chosen to serve as a public service officer. It is important to note that he suffered injuries in an accident. However, he still chooses to serve as an active duty officer.

Suzy Bae, on the other hand, is preparing for big solo debut in January 2017. Suzy is recording songs for her album. And she is also shooting a teaser trailer and album jacket cover. It seems like it may be some time till they both might make it official.

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