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Lee Min Ho Enlistment: Looks Like It’s Sooner Than Expected

It seems like Lee Min Ho enlistment in the military will happen soon. It’s confirmed that Lee Min Ho will enlist early 2017 but no specific date has been given. A Korean media outlet just reported that the Legend of the Blue Sea actor might enlist in March or April this year.

The Official Details Of Lee Min Ho Enlistment

Last May 2016, Soompi reported that Lee Min Ho’s agency had a press release regarding the actor’s military enlistment. According to MYM Entertainment, Lee Min Ho will enlist as a public service officer instead of an active duty soldier. The reason for this is because of the actor’s injuries from several car crashes in the past.

Back in 2006, Lee Min Ho and fellow actor Jung Il Woo met a car crash on their way to Kangwon-do for a vacation. Min Ho fractured his leg while Il Woo suffered from cerebral hemorrhage and partial memory loss. Min Ho had an emergency surgery  where a metal rod and screws were inserted in his leg. Eventually, he removed the screws because they got in the way while filming for action scenes. And in 2011, Min Ho got involved in another car crash while filming for his drama City Hunter.

If Lee Min Ho enlistment is really in March or April 2017, then the actor will be discharged in December 2018 or January 2019.

MYM Entertainment: “There’s No Date For Lee Min Ho Enlistment Yet.”

MYM Entertainment responded to the rumors that Lee Min Ho will enlist in March or April. According to the agency, they are still waiting for the official letter regarding the actor’s service.

“We don’t have the official enlistment date as of the moment. We are still waiting for the official notification letter. Lee Min Ho will enlist once the letter arrives,” the agency said.

Lee Min Ho recently finished with the drama Legend of the Blue Sea. In addition to that, Allkpop reported that Lee Min Ho’s last event will be a fan meeting on Feb. 18 and 19 in Seoul. After the announcement of the event, all tickets for 6,000 seats were immediately sold out.

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