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Lee Joon Gi And Milla Jovovich Tour South Korea Together

Lee Joon Gi is foraying into Hollywood with the sci-fi thriller Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. The Scarlet Heart Ryeo star is presently touring Korea with co-star Milla Jovovich. It looks like Jovovich is having a lot of fun hanging around in Korea with Joon Gi.

Lee Joon Gi and Milla Jovovich are exploding their Instagram accounts with pictures from Korea. Joon Gi is playing the perfect host to both Milla and her husband, director of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Paul Anderson. Joon Gi took time to introduce a very famous dish from South Korea to Milla.

Culture Exchange Between Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Stars

Milla Jovovich took to Instagram to share her bewilderment on seeing Lee Joon Gi bringing his own food for dinner at a restaurant. She posted, “Now THIS is crazy! My incredible Korean co-star, ex-military, quadruple black belt, actor and pop star @actor_jg, brought his own pigs feet to the restaurant tonight for dinner! I mean… if he wasn’t so damn cool, I would NEVER!…”

Joon Gi is playing the role of a Commander in the Hollywood movie. Joon Gi plays Commander Lee, who puts Alice (Milla Jovovich) in danger as he works for the very group she hopes to destroy. He would be making his debut in Hollywood with this movie.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Fever Fails to End

Lee Joon Gi role as prince Wang So in Scarlet Heart Ryeo drama became an instant hit with the audience. His chemistry with actress/singer IU was also talked about. A big online army of Moon Lovers was seen in the internet world showering a lot of love on the show and the actors in it.

Welcome to ?Korea? Milla~!!!♡♡???

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The lead actors of the show have remained friends even after the show. They are seen cheering for each other even after the show wrapped up. IU’s concert in Taiwan had a surprise guest- it was none other than Joon Gi himself, reports Soompi. He was seen on the stage wearing a black cape and was given a rousing welcome cheer by Taiwanese fans.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter released in Japan on Dec. 23, 2016. And in South Korea, it is set to hit the theaters on Jan. 25, 2017.

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