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Laura Prepon: Orange Is the New Black Star Pregnant, Planning Wedding List

Here is a news we can all gather around on: Laura Prepon is pregnant with her first child with fiance Ben Foster. The news came shortly after the couple’s engagement in October last year.

The couple was last seen attending The Creative Coalition’s Annual Spotlight Awards in Park City, Utah during the annual Sundance Film Festival on Sunday. According to witnesses, Foster was extra careful of his fiancee, often holding her arms and guiding her through the crowd. He also kept to her side throughout dinner.

Lauren Prepon, Ben Foster keep the relationship private

Even after knowing each other for 18 years, Laura Prepon (31) and Ben Foster (36) did not immediately entered into a relationship. Until 2015, Foster was engaged to House of Cards star Robin Wright. Shortly after ending that relationship, Foster dated Prepon. Still, they keep to themselves, and decided their relationship was not for public consumption.

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So secretive they were that they didn’t even tell their good friend, Ashton Kutcher, about their relationship and engagement. Kutcher, like many others, learned about the engagement when Prepon debuted with her engagement ring in October. He joked that Prepon, as a friend since That 70s Show, should have informed him and wife Mila Kunis about Foster

Prepon and the Kutchers are all co-stars in That 70s Show. When the two got married, Prepon was one of the few guests there.

Prepon, Foster both busy with respective careers

Perhaps, Prepon was too busy with her career to call a good friend? Prepon was working on Orange Is The New Black, Girl On The Train, and The Hero the last year. Foster himself was busy with three films that are set to be released this year. The titles include Rock’n Roll, Galveston, and Hostiles.

Prepon and Foster have yet to confirm this tidbit, but they have been known to be quiet about their marriage plans. We’re sure they are keeping this under wraps, too.

Isn’t it nostalgic, though, to see Laura Prepon and Ben Foster together? The two were both former 90s stars. Seeing them together brings back those old good memories of the 90s Hollywood.

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