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Lady Gaga Censored: Slamming Donald Trump In Super Bowl Reportedly Not Allowed

Are you waiting for what Lady Gaga might say during her halftime show at the Super Bowl on Feb. 5? If reports are true, it looks like this will not be possible because the National Football League (NFL) supposedly censored Lady Gaga from making any public statement about politics or President-elect Donald Trump.

Lady Gaga has never made her distaste of Trump a secret. She is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign. She also held a “Love Trumps Hate” sign outside the Trump Tower in New York following the election results.

NFL denied that Lady Gaga is being censored

The report that Lady Gaga was being censored came from a source by Entertainment Tonight. This, however, has been denied by a spokesperson for NFL. The rep said that people are just trying to stir up controversies where there is none.

Lady GagaPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of GamourDeep

The same rep said the NFL won’t be distracted by such rumors, and they are sure Lady Gaga will put on an amazing show for everyone. The Super Bowl, he said, is a time when people come together for one incredible night.

In September 2016, it was confirmed that Lady Gaga’s going to do the infamous halftime show. Her singing of the national anthem in the 2016 Super Bowl apparently helped her land the gig. The Super Bowl halftime show is the most-watched musical event of most years.

Lady Gaga’s dangerous stunts are scaring NFL officials?

While reports of censorship might not be true, Lady Gaga is supposedly scaring NFL officials in another way. She reportedly wants to sing on top of the NRG Stadium in Houston, and plans to cut a hole on the roof.

The same rep denied the reports again. If that is the plan, there would be no need to cut a hole on the stadium’s roof because it is retractable. However, that’s not the only outrageous move Lady Gaga wants to do.

Organizers and her team are planning to airlift her to the stadium, which has a state-of-the-art, see-through fabric roof that can open in seven minutes. Lady Gaga’s team is reportedly worried about the musician’s safety, but she is determined to do everything for an amazing show and nothing’s going to stop her.

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