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Kylie Jenner And Tyga Breakup: ‘Real’ Reason And A Timeline Of Their On-Off Relationship

The entertainment scene is abuzz with news of Kylie Jenner and Tyga calling it quits. The two have been in an on-off relationship for quite some time that this breakup doesn’t seem convincing. But with reports of several reasons why they broke up, it seems like the two have really ended it. Read on below to know what these reasons are and take a glimpse of the timeline of their relationship.

Kylie Jenner And Tyga: Why They Broke Up

There are several reasons why Kylie Jenner and Tyga are no longer together. Cosmopolitan reports that Kylie is done with Tyga spending so much money. Like the $250,000 Mercedes Tyga got for Kylie’s birthday or the gold grill he bought for her. Sure, they were gifts from him to her. But it seems like Kylie isn’t impressed and she’s done with those expensive gifts.

But according to Hollywood Life, another reason as to why the two have broken up is because Tyga sided with Blac Chyna. Recently, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian also called it quits. With the Kardashian family bond so strong, it would make sense why Tyga siding with Black Chyna would make Kylie mad.

Kylie And Tyga’s Relationship Timeline

The first appearance Kylie and Tyga made was back in November 2011 where they met at Kendall’s 16th birthday party. Kylie was 14 then and it looked like a friendly meeting between two acquaintances. The world didn’t know then that the two would hook up in the future.

In July 2014, Tyga was spotted in Kylie’s Instagram post. Although several other artists were there such as Chris Brown and Kendall, it made one think whether the two have started to hit it off.


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Rumors have started to circulate by then. Tyga posted on his Twitter account on September 2014 that he’s just friends with the family since “forever” and not to believe in any rumors. Furthermore, Tyga went to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family that year with Kylie posting a photo of him on her Instagram.


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Relationship rumors began to escalate around March 2015 when the two were spotted at LAX. Kylie was wearing a ring on her finger. Tyga also subtly confirmed the dating rumors that same month by posting a photo of Kylie and captioning it “Certain things catch your eye, but only few capture the heart.”

Certain things catch your eye, but only few capture the heart.

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From then on, it’s all a whirlwind of dating rumors. Tyga bought Kylie a Ferrari for her 18th birthday last August 2015. In November that same year, they called it quits. However, in December, Tyga gave her a huge diamond ring which obviously says they’re back again.

2016 started out ripe for them when Tyga was caught cheating with a Brazilian model around January. They’ve called it quits around May but were back again in July.

From breakups to make ups, it seems Kylie Jenner and Tyga have gotten it down perfectly. But with money issues and family problems on the rise, it seems that this time, it may be for real.

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