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Kristen Stewart: So Out In Perfect Gay Totino Ad, Vanessa Bayer Kiss Holds Nothing Back

As if her relationship with Stella Maxwell isn’t enough proof that she’s a lesbian, Kristen Stewart recently starred in an SNL skit where she has to make out Vanessa Bayer. In this day and age of discrimination and rumors of an anti-LGBT order, isn’t this coming out a powerful resistance?

Fans of her tumultuous romance with co-Twilight star Robert Pattinson may not approve, but the actress just sent a powerful message on her SNL appearance. She even “apologized” to President Donald Trump in an (accidentally) expletive-laden monologue because, yes, she’s gay.

Kristen Stewart Made Out With Bayer

In the SNL sketch, Kristen Stewart and Bayer had to make Totino’s pizza rolls for Bayer’s husband and his pals. The guys were watching the Super Bowl. Stewart played the sister of Ted, one of Bayer’s husband’s pals.

Kristen StewartPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Matt Jacobs

The attraction was instant between Bayer and Stewart. Bayer said she’s happy that another woman was there to help her with making the pizza rolls. While they are in the kitchen, the two exchanged flirty looks and even touched hands.

When Bayer said she should take the pizza rolls out for the guys, Stewart stopped her and asked her to stay with her. Bayer asked what she should do about “my hungry guys?” To which, Stewart replied: “What are you hungry for?”

The husband called on the girls to hurry up and bring the pizza rolls out. He even joked if they were already making out. And yes, they are.

Inside the kitchen, the two are caressing each other and splashing one another with water. Bayer even spoke in French, saying she felt they are the only people on Earth. It’s definitely one of the hottest SNL sketch they ever made.

Kristen And Stella: How Serious Is It?

The two started dating late last year when the Victoria’s Secret model visited the actress on the set of her new film in Georgia. Stewart was previously linked to St. Vincent for a quick fling, but it looks like her relationship with Maxwell may be the real deal. They were spotted out for a casual smoothie bar run in Los Angeles last Jan. 4.

The Belgian-born Maxwell also had a short-lived romance with Miley Cyrus in 2015. The two were inseparable and constantly updated their Instagram profiles with their photos. Cyrus is now engaged again to Liam Hemsworth.

Maxwell may be Maxim’s sexiest woman, but she doesn’t want any attention from the boys. The only important thing for this supermodel is she has Kristen Stewart’s eyes on her.

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