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Kristen Stewart And Her Groundbreaking Paper On Artificial Intelligence – No, Seriously!

Kristen Stewart is employing a new state-of-the-art technology in her maiden directorial venture. She co-writes a paper on the subject too.

Say what you will, but Kristen Stewart is in the swim of things. She frequently found herself in the news for all the wrong reasons back in the days. Off late, she is playing interesting roles and making appearances in places like SNL. The latest news is that Kristen is incorporating a groundbreaking technology that will bring new dimensions to the art of film-making. Besides, her short film, Come Swim, has stills shot from her AI-powered technique.

Kristen Stewart: Paper; Come Swim

Come Swim is a short drama directed by Kristen and produced by David Ethan Shapiro. Also, David is the co-author of the paper written by Kristen Stewart. Case in point, the technology enables to film something and portray it in the form of a painting. The film delves heavily on the subject of painting. Even the official description of the movie reads, ‘Come Swim is a diptych of one man’s day; half impressionist and half realist portraits‘.

Mail Online reports the contents of the paper that was published in the online library arXiv of Cornell University. Even though the paper is barely of three pages, it puts the matter in a concise manner. The paper is devoid of the explanation in depth about the variables and parameters, of course. In any case, she has something aberrant to include in her long-list of credentials.

As most of them are aware, applications like Adobe and GIMP too provide filters to achieve a painting touch. However, this is limited to photos in a singular style of painting. Kristen’s technique, on the other hand, enables to bring the photographs or videos in any specific painting style. Be it Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Rembrandt’s Night Watch, the film can have the flavor of it.

The Technology

The technique behind this is basically Style Transfer. The Style Transfer parameter – ‘u’, is gradually increased for a particular picture to give it a painting touch. Also, Come Swim revolves around the dream-like sequences of a man’s routine on a mundane life. In order to subject something to this technique, the movie frames and the painting of choice is fed into a convolutional neural network.

The neural network here is perhaps where the artificial intelligence part kicks in. Furthermore, the networks are thought to juxtapose the painting and the frames into one. The produce is then a subject of various facets of production to achieve an entire series of painting-like visuals. Even though it sounds relatively complex, the visuals will seem more or less like a high quality anime.

Even better thing to do is to watch Come Swim and see it at its best self. Needless to say, Kristen’s affinity for painting and penchant for art and its aesthetics is truly commendable.

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