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Kristen Stewart Is One Intelligent Millennial

As a 26-year old herself, you might expect that Kirsten Stewart enjoys social media as much as anyone. She is, after all, right amongst all the other Millennials who grew up on that kind of technology. Not to mention that plenty of Hollywood mainstays have grown to embrace smartphones, Facebook, Instagram, and the like.

Having been catapulted to fame as Bella from the Twilight series, surely Stewart can relate? Apparently yes and no. What we are sure of however, is that Kristen Stewart is truly an intelligent millennial.

Kirsten Stewart recently shared with V Magazine that she’s not too fond of the effects that texting and social media have introduced.  Her thoughts are quite impressive.

Social Media A New Language

“You become addicted to that hit by yourself and with yourself, every seven minutes or so,” she says in the V106 interview. “You end up wasting so much time validating something very superficial in yourself. It has definitely changed us,” she added.

Stewart was relating her impression of technology, as well as its portrayal in her new film, Personal Shopper. The movie, directed by Oliver Assayas (Clouds of Sils Maria), is about a young woman who does the shopping for big stars.

This young woman however, carries the weight of her twin brother’s death. Before his death, the two had sworn a pact that whoever between them dies first would try to send the other a sign from the afterlife. She then starts receiving messages to decipher from seemingly beyond the grave. All the while, she tries unraveling the mystery of her brother’s death.

Stewart suggests that communication really has to be an “understandable” give-and-take, something that phones make more difficult.

“When you speak to someone on the phone,” she says, “that is a decipherable, understandable exchange. But with text and social media, it’s essentially a dialogue with yourself and your interpretation of a shadow. It’s not invalid; it’s a new language.”

Enough Of The Output

Meanwhile, Stewart has had to contend with numerous rumors that she’d been dating Stella Maxwell, a Victoria’s Secret model.

Maxwell, compared to Stewart, seems to be a lot less shy when it comes to sharing her life on social media. In fact, she told Fox News that it has “played a huge role in giving models a little power to show exactly what they want to show”. She adds that she enjoys letting fans a glimpse into her personal and work life.

Stewart would still rather draw back and away, however: “Enough of the output,” she says, “Sometimes, you need to – this sounds so cliché – meditate on replenishing the well.”

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