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Kristen Stewart And Stella Maxwell: Out And Proud

After being in the hiding and dealing with insecurities, Kristen Stewart announced her relationship with model Stella Maxwell. During the filming of her new movie about Lizzie Borden, a source confirmed that the couple is hanging out together. Reports suggest that they are living together.

Recently, Kristen Stewart was spotted with her partner Stella Maxwell at Knott’s Berry Farm theme park in Buena Park, California. They were walking hand-in-hand having a good time at the park. It looks like they are perfectly fine with the paparazzi spotting them together.

Kristen Stewart And Stella Maxwell: Timeline Of Relationship

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell became an official couple back in July 2016. A source at People reports, “When Kristen filmed in Savannah, she spent several days together with Stella, who came to visit her. She was with Kristen on the set most days and seemed to have fun.”

Stewart had once said, “I’m not ashamed and I’m not confused.” At the time, she was dating Alicia Cargile. Talking about Cargile, the Twilight actress said, “We’ve broken up a couple of times and gotten back together, and this time I was like, Finally, I can feel again.”

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Kristen Stewart moved from being extremely private about her personal life to absolutely vocal. She has given a couple of interviews where she has spoken freely about her personal life. In an interview to ET, the actress had said, “I think everybody goes through insecurities when they’re younger, and everybody has to grow into their body. We’re all in the same boat, so I think it’s a phase we all go through, then we grow out of it and grow into ourselves.”

Kristen Stewart’s Ex-Relationships

The most publicized of Kristen Stewart’s relationship is the one with Robert Pattinson. The couple’s chemistry in Twilight gave them a huge fan base. But the relationship ended when Stewart cheated on Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders. Rupert and Liberty Ross were married as news of the affair got out.

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After much speculations, reports came out that Kristen Stewart was dating her assistant Alicia Cargile. However, they soon separated as Cargile is not okay with her “jet-setting life anymore.” St.Vincent aka Annie Clark was seen with the actress later in NYC engaging in some PDA. The word in town is Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are now in a relationship.

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