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KPop Power Couples: Find Out How Big The Stars’ Age Gaps Are

Every single thing that a celebrity does is always monitored both by the fans and the media. This is why some dating confirmations are not too surprising. However, there are dating news that simply pop out of nowhere, making fans go wild in their social media accounts. These dating news often make people wonder how the pair’s relationship started. KPop Power Couples are no exception to the spotlight. In fact, these couples get more attention thanks to their big age gaps.

It is a well-known fact that love can happen at any age. Most celebrities–or people, for that matter–usually stick to a decent age gap like three or five years. These KPop Power Couples, however, overlooked their two-digit age gap.

Age doesn’t matter

Picture credit: Screenshot from the video "What does Dong-gun's father think of his open relationship?" segment from the show Happy Together taken from the official YouTube Channel of KBS World TV

Picture credit: Screenshot from the video “What does Dong-gun’s father think of his open relationship?” segment from the show Happy Together taken from the official YouTube Channel of KBS World TV

One example would be singer IU and rock band leader Jang Ki Ha. The internet went wild when the two admitted last year that they have been in a relationship for two years already. Both IU and Ki Ha revealed their relationship via letters to their fans. The two stated that they began dating shortly after IU appeared as a guest in Ki Ha’s The Great Radio Show on October 2013. Fans were surprised because of the difference in their music genres and their 11-year age gap, with Ki Ha the older one in the relationship.

Veteran actor Lee Dong Gun shocked his fans when he revealed that he was dating T-Ara’s Jiyeon. Dating rumors began when pictures of the two going out went viral in Weibo. Turns out, the two developed feelings during the time they shot a film called “Encounter”. Despite the 13-year age gap, the couple appears to be happy in their relationship.

Kiss Mes, U-Kiss fans, were surprised with member Eli’s confession that he was married for one year and is a soon-to-be father. Eli’s wife, a model who is 11 years older than him, was three months pregnant when he made the announcement last year. The two apparently married on July 2014 and then revealed their marriage on Instagram on December 2015.

Age is just a number

Apparently, age is not the biggest factor that decides a relationship. No matter how old he, or she, is, mutual feelings and the willingness to pursue the love are what make a couple stay strong all throughout the time they’re together.



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