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KPop Idols Charity: What Idols Do During Their Free Time

Being a KPop idol always calls for a good public image. Many idols maintain their image by avoiding scandals and sticking to the unspoken rules in the industry. And then there are also those who reach out and help the less-fortunate people around the world.

It is amazing how these KPop idols charity work can touch a lot of hearts. The following celebrities have lent a helping hand to the people in need both in Korea and other countries.

KPop Idols Charity: The Generosity Celebrities Display

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Hallyu Stars Create Audio Books

Korean heartthrobs Song Joong Ki, Yoochun, and Lee Jong Suk collaborated with the Good Hearted Library project to help the visually impaired enjoy books. How? These three talented actors recorded audio books! Now, those who have eye conditions can listen to their books to their hearts’ content.

SISTAR’s Hyorin and abandoned pets

Hyorin is known for her love for animals. In fact, the star owns four cats! Korean media outlet Dispatch revealed that SISTAR’s leader and power belter likes to spend her free time helping stray dogs and cats. Hyorin was seen helping out the volunteers create a clean environment for the animals, feed them, and make sure their health is in top condition.

Hallyu Stars Raise Adoption Awareness

Actors like Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun Seuk, and Rain took part in adoption campaigns in South Korea. These stars posed with orphaned children in gray scale photos. The aim of the campaign is to break the stigma South Korea has about adoption.

B.A.P’s Yong Guk and Children Charities

B.A.P’s leader may look fierce and badass onstage with his tattoos and piercing rap lyrics. But the charismatic rapper has a soft spot for children! Yong Guk is a registered member of the organizations UNICEF, World Vision, and Save the Children. He has donated many times to these organizations and even encouraged his fellow B.A.P members to do the same. The rapper also claimed that idols are not stars, but role models who children can look up to.

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Why Celebrities Engage in Philanthropy

KPop idols charity works are not the only ones that are active as of the moment. Many celebrities all over the world engage in philanthropy work as well. There are those who speculate that these acts of charity are simply for publicity purposes. However, there are those that genuinely help the less fortunate and form foundations to feel closer to the cause. Call it for the sake of public image or whatnot, these celebrities and KPop idols charity acts are definitely a step towards the better living of mankind.

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