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KPop 7 Year Curse: Who Are Affected by it?

The KPop 7 year curse is a mysterious phenomenon in the said industry. According to this myth, KPop groups can’t last for more than 7 years without going through member changes. Some groups even disband after that time period. Part of this is true because the contract between company and artists typically lasts for 6-8 years. When the date for contract renewal nears, some of the group’s members leave to pursue a solo career or become an actor/actress. Some groups like ShinHwa and BIG BANG are still strong together. However, the same could not be said to the other groups in the industry.

Groups affected by the KPop 7 Year Curse

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video "50 Disbanded K-Pop Groups 2016" taken from AsiaticTop40KPop YouTube Channel

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video “50 Disbanded K-Pop Groups 2016” taken from AsiaticTop40KPop YouTube Channel

2NE1 was the latest addition in the list of KPop groups who did not survive the 7-year curse. The quartet from YG Entertainment gained worldwide recognition and success with hits like FireI am the Best, and Come Back Home. The group went through hiatus after member Park Bom was slammed with a drug scandal in 2014. In MAMA 2015, fans began to hope for a comeback after the group had a surprise performance right after leader CL’s rendition of her single Hello BI+TCHES. But on April 2016, member Minzy decided to leave the group to focus on her career as a dancer. Although YG Entertainment promised that 2NE1 will continue their promotions as a trio, the group disbanded on November 24.

Cube Entertainment’s artists are also suffering the same fate. Its first boy group, BEAST, has undergone member changes just last April. Former member Hyunseung left the group in order to pursue a different style of music. Another group from Cube, 4Minute, disbanded last June. According to the official statement from Cube, the other members decided not to renew their contracts anymore and focus on taking new career paths. HyunA, the group’s rapper, was the only one who renewed her contract with the agency.

And who can forget what happened to titan boy group DBSK? The Mirotic singers caused headlines when three members, Yoochun, Jaejoon, and Junsu, left DBSK in 2010. They signed up in another entertainment agency as the group JYJ. On the other hand, Yunho and Changmin, continued to promote as a duo TVXQ.

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KPop 7 Year Curse: Will it end?

No one can tell if this myth will stop or not. Member changes and group disbandments are heartbreaking, especially for long time fans. Some of the main reasons are mismanagement and too much focus on one member. So far, only a handful of groups made it through the KPop 7 year curse without any changes in the lineup. One example is ShinHwa. The group has been active since 1998. And even though they already separated from their original agency, the group stayed strong and continued to make new comebacks.

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