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KPop 2017 Contracts: 8 Idol Groups Whose Contracts Will Expire Next Year

The new year is just around the corner. For the KPop industry, this means new groups, more comebacks, and more activities for the local and international fans. The downside, however, is there are groups whose contracts will expire soon. And it is not yet confirmed whether these KPop 2017 contracts will be renewed.

For a typical group, a contract with an agency lasts for six to eight years. After the contract, these idols are given the chance to renew or go on their own career paths. There are many groups who renewed like Super Junior and Girls’ Generation. There are also others, like Rainbow and Sohee of Wonder Girls, who pursued other careers when their contracts expired.

8 Idol Groups Who Are Yet To Renew Their KPop 2017 Contracts

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Take a look at the following idol groups who are yet to renew their contracts for next year.


Debut: June 2010 – Contract Expiration: June 2017


Debut: June 2010 – Contract Expiration: June 2017


Debut: July 2010 – Contract Expiration: July 2017

4. ZE:A

Debut: January 2010 – Contract Expiration: January 2017

5. Miss A

Debut: July 2010 – Contract Expiration: July 2017


Debut: August 2010 – Contract Expiration: August 2017

7. Girls’ Day

Debut: July 2010 – Contract Expiration: July 2017


Debut: January 2010 – Contract Expiration: January 2017

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KPop 2017 Contracts: Will They Renew or Not?

With the new year set to arrive in a few days, fans are both excited and anxious to see what’s in store for the KPop industry. There are already rookie groups and solo artists who are set to debut in 2017. There are also new dramas to look out for. On the other hand, veteran acts keep on branching out globally by releasing better albums and going on tours and concerts.

Fans are also on the edge to know if their favorite groups will renew or not. There are still no confirmations from these groups and their respective agencies regarding their KPop 2017 contracts. Since idols are not really allowed to disclose their contract to the public, fans can only hope for the best for their beloved KPop idols.

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