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Kirk Douglas Birthday: Legendary Actor Celebrates 100th Birthday

Kirk Douglas Birthday is more than special this year. He is celebrating his 100th birthday today, Dec. 9, and he is as famous as he could be.

Not many actors stand the test of time. They come, conquer, and before long, they perish. Actor Michael Douglas’ father, however, is a horse of different color. He has been around since 1916, had an exemplary career and still going strong. Turns out, not another peer for this guy in the entire Hollywood realm! Kirk Douglas Birthday this year stands more symbolic than merely a birthday.

Kirk Douglas Birthday, Life, and Career

Born in perilous times, part of a struggle, poverty-stricken background and a dubious future. This was perhaps the early story of Kirk, but he turned on a new leaf. Subsequently, got a break and went on to star in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, 1946. Furthermore, he became a sensation in the ’50s. Finally, paving way for a Golden Age of Hollywood.

In the wake of his new-found success as an actor, many opportunities came across, finally earning him an Academy Award nomination in 1949. He didn’t win, but certainly didn’t stop there. Besides, he got couple of more nominations in 1951 and 1956 too. He was also part of a then novice Stanley Kubrick’s movies.

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Testament to Kirk’s present-day popularity is perhaps the Google results to his name. As soon as one searches for Kirk in Google, results return with, ‘People also ask – Is Kirk Douglas still alive?’ Not that anyone wishes him dead, but he’s certainly defying a lot of odds! Needless to say, Hollywood takes a lot of pride in their last standing Golden Age actor.

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Service and Legacy

Kirk’s son Michael Douglas certainly kept up to his father’s name. In addition to running Kirk’s production company, Michael keeps the name alive. Another accomplishment under Kirk’s belt is serving in the army during the World War II. He served as a communications officer in the anti-submarine unit, later embarking on the Hollywood venture.

One thing for certain, he is a living embodiment of the American dream. Wasn’t born with a silver spoon, did odd jobs to make ends meet, a legend for the masses today. Kirk Douglas Birthday is certainly a milestone, not just for his fans or himself, but for the entire industry. Salute.

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