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King and Queen of Kpop Rain And Boa Announced About Relationship, Daragon Next!

First, it was Rain announcing his marriage to Kim Tae Hee this February and now it’s BoA’s relationship with Joo Won confirmed! Valentine’s day is fast approaching and should we expect more celebrity couples to come out soon? Meanwhile, after the Rain and Boa major announcement regarding their respective relationships, will Daragon finally grant our wishes and announce their relationship?

Rain announced his upcoming message to Kim Tae Hee in a handwritten letter. The singer-actor apologized to the fans about how he couldn’t announce the date and the place of his wedding. He said that because Korea currently suffers through financial crisis, his wedding will be a private one and away from the eyes of the media.


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BoA and Joo Won Respective Agencies Confirmed Couple’s Relationship

Huayi Brothers, Joo Won’s Agency, first confirmed the couple’s relationship by a simple message. Soon after Huayi Brothers’ message, SM Entertainment gave further information about the two actors’ relationship. BoA’s agency said that the couple’s relationship began from their common interest in acting and music.

BoA and Joo Won both have busy schedules this year but hopefully, they could get past through their challenges as a couple. BoA will release a mini album later this year for her comeback in the music industry. Meanwhile, Joo Won will star in the upcoming TV adaptation of the movie, My Sassy Girl.

Rain and BoA Today But When Will Daragon Grant Our Wishes?

Despite YG Entertainment denying the Daragon rumors, fans still hope that Daragon will come out in the nearest future. YG dismissed the issue as a prank on GD’s side and that GD never kissed Dara. Dara, however, remained silent throughout all the rumors.

BigBang and 2NE1 had been closed friends with each other ever since they started in the music industry. It’s no wonder why GD and Dara could be close to each other. But even though YG firmly denes the relationship between the two, YG suspicously deletd their former statement regarding the issue.

Earlier this month, fans and paparazzi spotted GD and Dara leaving the BigBang concert. GD was seen protecting Dara from the paparazzi as he hugs the 2NE1 member close. The footage also showed GD seemingly kissing Dara on her forehead which started the dating humors again.

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