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Kim Kardashian Robbery Is Kanye West’s Next Song – Obviously!

Kanye West wouldn’t have it any other way, would he? Kim Kardashian Robbery will soon find its way into his empty rhetoric of a rap!

Firstly, Kanye West is working on new music. That’s not the best news, however. The catch is that he’s contemplating raps surrounding his life’s vital moments of 2016. Speaking of vital moments, the Kim Kardashian robbery takes a cynosure, of course. Apart from that, the music he’s writing revolves around some cringeworthy incidents and the Jay Z beef!

Kim Kardashian Robbery and Aftermath

Kim Kardashian’s Paris visit didn’t quite turn out the way it was intended. She was held at a gun-point and the culprits got away with valuables too. Even though the incident didn’t physically affect the paparazzi princess, she was mentally affected. Kanye had to cut his concert short in the wake of the incident and rush to his wife’s aid.

On a different note, the culprits are now apprehended by the Paris police and the investigation is underway. Furthermore, some stolen valuables were recovered too. New reports are emerging on the Kim Kardashian robbery and story is still building, needless to say. The matter in question here is perhaps about Kanye’s new song about the whole predicament, reports Hollywood Life.

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Kanye West

The rapper did have an eventful year, not to mention. He made a rather overwhelming start to the year with a successful album release. This was soon followed by the Taylor Swift feud and Kanye had the last laugh too. As if that wasn’t enough, he went on record dissing Beyonce and Jay Z. He brought Donald Trump between his mess too!

Just a while ago, Kanye reportedly had a breakdown and he’s under recovery now. Meanwhile, he’s writing music and all the aforementioned persons are likely to feature in it. Funny how these quasi-artists turn their fortunes around and make the best out of an unsavory situation. No doubt, this will be a hit too. It’s indeed an ugly world we live in, isn’t it? Never mind!

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