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Kendall Jenner Jordan Clarkson: Spending NYE Together Might Be A Silent Confirmation Of Their Romance

Kendall Jenner Jordan Clarkson were first spotted together in March last year. The rumors rested when rapper A$AP Rocky—real name Rakim Mayers—was spotted having dinner with the model. But over the holidays, it looks like Jenner is finally ready to reveal who really has her heart for the time being.

Just before Christmas, Jenner and Clarkson were spotted shopping for gifts together. They were seen again on full display at a New Year’s Eve party in The Nice Guy in Los Angeles. A video apparently showed the pair kissing passionately as they ring in the new year.

Not a first for Kendall Jenner Jordan Clarkson

This is certainly not the first time Kendall Jenner Jordan Clarkson were seen being cuddly to each other in the past couple of months. Even amid rumors that the 21-year-old model was spotted with A$AP Rocky, there were sightings of her and Clarkson, who plays for the LA Lakers.

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Kendall Jenner Jordan Clarkson

Screen cap from the Twitter page of CelebNewss24

An eyewitness account during Drake’s after-AMA party at Delilah in November said the couple was very much into each other. Jenner was the first one to arrive at the party with her girlfriends, including Karlie Kloss and Justine Skye. But when Clarkson arrived minutes later, the model’s face “lit up.”

The NBA player was seen hugging Jenner in a bear hug and planting kisses all over her cheek. They were also seen holding hands or sometimes, Clarkson’s hands will be on the model’s waist or Jenner’s hand will be on his thigh. They seem to be perfectly comfortable with each other.

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Kendall remains mum about romance

She may be a part of a family that made their fortune through airing their dirty laundry in public but for the most part, Jenner kept her relationships private. She hasn’t addressed the rumors about Clarkson since they were first spotted together. But, that didn’t stop her from attending his LA games.

Photos of the model seating courtside for Clarkson’s games were all over the internet at one point. There was nothing from Jenner, though, and she never mentioned the NBA player in any of her social media posts. For now, we can only speculate about this Kendall Jenner Jordan Clarkson romance we’ve been witnessing.

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