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Before Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman Almost Wed Lenny Kravitz: What Went Wrong

This might seem like some random dating news but apparently, Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman were a thing once upon a time. The two were apparently dating each other back then and were quite serious as both were even set to be engaged.

But obviously, that didn’t end up in marriage as Nicole Kidman is currently married to Keith Urban. So what happened and what went wrong?

Lenny Kravitz And Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman recently revealed a secret she’s kept for so many years during her interview with The Edit. In the interview, she spoke about Lenny Kravitz and what she thinks of him.

Kravitz’s name was brought up when Kidman spoke about working with his daughter Zoe. Nicole and Zoe are starring in the upcoming HBO comedy-drama Big Little Lies. Nicole stars as Celeste Wright while Zoe plays Bonnie Carlson.

Kidman expressed how he knew Zoe since he was engaged to Kravitz. She added that she loves Lenny and thinks he’s a great guy.

The two were known to have dated for awhile but many didn’t expect how serious it got. Well, now that everyone knows it actually led to an engagement, one can’t help but think what could’ve been if the two did tie the knot.


Kidman and Kravitz dated between 2003 to 2005. This was two years after Kidman’s split from Tom Cruise and two years before she dated present hubby Keith Urban.

Kidman did mention back in 2007 in an interview with Vanity Fair that she was once engaged to someone. But Kidman declined to name who that man was in the interview.

It isn’t until now that the public ever knew how serious the relationship was. So what went wrong? Apparently, Kidman said that it just wasn’t the right time. According to her, they both weren’t ready.

Meanwhile, what does Zoe think of the woman who could have been her step-mom? Zoe said that Kidman is a “beast of an actress.” The 28 years old model and actress thinks Kidman is so good in doing her job that it’s distracting and makes her go “wow”.

This whole thing makes you wonder if Lenny Kravitz still has feelings for Kidman too. Do you think he’ll speak about her soon too? We’ll only have to wait and find out.

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