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Kate Upton: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2017 Caused Confusion Among Fans

Kate Upton just scored herself big in Sports Illustrated. The star is featured as the cover model on all three “collector’s” covers of the annual swimsuit issue. However, people noticed something about the covers: Upton was not wearing a swimsuit.

Katherine Elizabeth Upton is a model and actress who rose to fame due to her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She is the cover model for the magazine three times already, with the 2012 edition her first. Aside from being a model, Upton is also an actress. She appeared in the films Tower Heist (2011) and The Other Woman (2014).

Kate Upton: Why Is She Not Wearing A Swimsuit?

When Sports Illustrated released the covers on their social media accounts, netizens were quick to point out how Kate Upton was not wearing a swimsuit. The model looks really beautiful in the covers – it just so happened she did not wore a swimsuit in any of the covers. Perez Hilton even made a breakdown about Upton and what she wore.

“One cover shows her topless with her bottom half clad in a lot of necklaces. The second cover features her in a bunch of strings made to look like a maillot. The third has her in a honest-to-God bikini bottoms and a long-sleeved embellished top,” Hilton wrote.

ELLE Magazine also pointed out Upton’s lack of swimwear. While they praised her good looks on the covers, ELLE noted that the accessories Upton wore in one cover are “the opposite of what you should wear in the ocean.”

Are The Rumors True?

On Feb. 6, Kate Upton made headlines when she allegedly “threw a diva fit” about being in the cover of Sports Illlustrated. According to Page Six, several sources claimed that Upton will be on the cover along with Serena Williams and Christie Brinkley. However, a source noted that Upton had “diva demands” for the photo shoot.

“There was a lot of drama. She said that if she did the shoot, she must get the cover. Kate even had a list of photographers, stylists, and makeup artists she’ll only work with,” the source said. The source also noted how Upton was being a “big diva” and that she “thinks she’s better than everyone because she’s an actress”.

Because Upton snagged all of the covers, what happened to Serena Williams and Christie Brinkley? Are the “diva fit” rumors really true? Meanwhile, Perez Hilton even noted, “Maybe the rumors were true and Kate’s diva antics really paid off!”

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