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Kate Middleton, Prince William Latest News: Prince Skipping Best Friend’s Wedding Not Because Kate’s Jealous!

Kate Middleton has  always been in the spotlight as she has been plagued with numerous royal-related issues. Recently, rumors claimed that she did not allow her husband, Prince William to attend his best friend’s wedding.

The royal couple has already been in the headline for years . There have been speculations that the two are headed for a divorce. Some averred that the duchess is pregnant with their third baby. As the palace remains silent with the issues, new reports about the pair emerged.

In recent times, Celebrity Dirty Laundry highlighted that Kate Middleton might be forcing her husband to abandon his friends from his bachelor days. Prince William apparently skipped his best friend, Oliver Hicks’ wedding without citing his reasons.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were not seen during the wedding of Hicks last weekend. They were not able to congratulate on hand the duke’s closest friend when he tied the knot with Rose Kingscote.

Rumor has it that Prince William might be under his wife’s rule and part of it, he has to avoid his buddies from his bachelor days, to keep the peace. Accordingly, it was not the first time that Middleton has been missing from one of her husband’s friends’ weddings. In 2015, she caused a stir when she preferred to stay home than escort the prince on several occasions.

Furthermore, the outlet narrated that the royal mother-of-two has attended several nuptials of William’s friends when they were not married yet. But then, she seemed nowhere to be found in the recent weddings after she married the prince.

With all the rumors surrounding the royal couple, the Kensington Palace spokesperson remains mum. The prince and his wife are also tight-lipped on the issues thrown to them.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton and her husband accompanied Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday evening in London. They came together at the Festival of Remembrance to honor the fallen soldiers, E! Online reported.

Photo source: Twitter

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