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Justin Bieber: Singer Reported The Main Suspect In Assault Investigation

The latest Justin Bieber news revolves around the alleged assault that happened in June 2016. Moreover, the incident reportedly started with the Sorry singer grabbing the complainant’s sunglasses. Read on to know more details about the reported assault.

Justin Bieber Named A Suspect

Justin Bieber is slowly becoming the man of the hour. After publicly dissing The Weeknd, the singer is again headlining news websites because of an incident that happened in June. The U Smile singer is named a suspect in an alleged assault investigation, according to Hollywood Life.

The outlet notes that Bieber got into a fight with a guy after the Cleveland Cavaliers playoff game, eight months ago. Meanwhile, reports that in the sequence of events narrated to the police, Rodney Cannon, the complainant, said that it all started when the Canadian singer grabbed his sunglasses. Moreover, after taking his glasses, Cannon took a photo of the singer.

This has reportedly enraged Bieber, according to Cannon. The two came to a consensus that the 34-year-old Las Vegas resident will delete the photo if the singer returns his glasses. In the police report, Bieber grabbed the phone from Cannon’s hands and started deleting photos. The former grabbed his phone back from the singer.

Cannon narrated that the Love Yourself singer punched him in the face several times after he attempts to retrieve his glasses. Apart from Bieber, the singer’s bodyguards punched Cannon several times as well. Because of this, the alleged victim went to the hospital for treatment.

The outlet notes that Cannon suffered “an acute head injury and a possible concussion.” Meanwhile, the publication reports that though the incident happened in June, Cannon only filed the police report on Feb. 14.

The initial report notes that the complainant tried to settle the issue with Bieber “out of court.” However, the said approach did not bring any positive feedback, which is why Cannon decided to file the report.

Justin Bieber Charge History

The source notes that since the investigation is still ongoing, Bieber is still not charged. Meanwhile, this is not Bieber’s first run-in with the law. In 2012, the singer was accused of reckless driving. Moreover, in 2013, he was charged with vandalism in Brazil.

However, Bieber’s first arrest happened in 2014. Police officials arrested the Boyfriend singer on suspicion of driving under influence (DUI), driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest without violence.

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