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Justin Bieber Instagram: He’s Back And People Are More Annoyed Than Ever

Justin Bieber and his Instagram is constantly in the midst of controversy. The singer made a comeback on the photo sharing platform but only to promote his association with a brand. Pretty sure, the moolah came calling and all decisions went to the bin.

The Sorry singer has some serious issues with Instagram. Justin Bieber goes on to call the social media app, ‘devil’. This comment was made shortly after he had an altercation with his fans on the app after his alleged girlfriend Sofia Richie became the recipient of hate.

Justin Bieber Instagram: Will Fans Still Rally Behind The Star?

There is no doubt that Justin Bieber enjoys the most loyal fan base. But things are gradually changing as the singer is often lashing out at his fans. His fan base likes to be identified by the name ‘Beliebers’.

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When it came choosing sides, Bieber, chose his girlfriend over his fan base. Justin Bieber Instagram feed is mostly filled with pictures of selfies with Richie. About six to seven months back, the singer threatened to make his account private if his fans “don’t stop the hate”, reports OK!

Bieber Comeback On Instagram

The singer has now decided to let bygones be bygones (thanks to a commercial promotion). His latest post on the platform is that of a commercial for T-Mobile. He calls his followers on the platform to show their ‘unlimited moves’. The commercial also stars New England Patriots Ron Gronkowski and former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens.

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The comeback post by the Baby singer already has 6.4 million views with over 396,000 comments. Most of the comments are jubilation messages by fans on seeing him return. The spotlight has also come back on Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber with the former’s relationship with The Weeknd.

Every time Gomez ends up with a new guy, Justin Bieber is always added to the mix. Speculations suggest that the ex is not very happy with Gomez’s new love interest. Bieber says he cannot listen to music from The Weeknd. He adds, “Hell no I can’t listen to a Weeknd song. That s— is whack.”

Justin Bieber is going to miss the Grammys 2017 as he doesn’t find the award show relevant to present day’s music. It would have been interesting to see Gomez and Bieber at the same place.

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