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This Just Shows Everyone Can’t Wait For A New Eminem Album

Eminem new album 2017 is one thing many hip hop fans have been waiting for. While speculations are making rounds saying that the Detroit rapper is hard at work on his new album, a release date for it is yet to come. There have been little updates here and there, including Eminem’s involvement in a recent collab with rapper Sean Knight. Their work, entitled No Favors, even featured verse that dissed President-elect Donald Trump.

While there have been no clear updates about his album, Eminem is once again making waves after a track of his was turned into a mashup together with a Trump supporter’s interview.

Eminem New Album 2017: Stan Remixed Trump Supporter’s Interview

A report from Hot New Hip Hop revealed that a new Eminem track is making waves online. The rapper recently worked with Sean Knight in No Favors where he called trump “a b—h.” Now, the 44-year-old artist is once again making headlines because of a somewhat similar topic.

Listen to the clip below, that also features Dido’s vocals Eminem’s classic hit Stan.

Eminem New Album 2017: Trump Devotee’s Words, Eminem’s Music

While Eminem has not commented about the clip, many fans were amused by what @BeardedGenius created.

Eminem’s classic track Stan was remixed with a Trump supporter’s interview and the track garnered much social media attention. In fact, many fans even took to Twitter to say how this “hilarious” new track was totally unexpected. After all Stan was all about an obsessed fan writing to his idol.

The 42-second clip that was put together by Twitter user @BeardedGenius features CNN’s interview with Trump supporter Gene Huber. Huber was invited to talk in front of many during the latest rally in Florida. Among the attendees, Trump decided to haul Huber on stage after he saw the news when Huber revealed how supportive he was of Trump. The car salesman from Florida even confessed how he even salutes a cardboard cut-out of the US President on a daily basis.

“I salute that every single day and I pray and I tell him, ‘Mr President, I pray for your safety today’,” he said. “And I’m not lying, I do that every single day to the president but he’s cardboard.”

The remix has since gone viral, and has even been recognized by singer Josh Groban. What are your thoughts on the remix? Comments below!

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