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Jung Joon Young: All about His Comeback Album

Jung Joon Young has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes.  After coming out from a controversy, the singer got back into business. His comeback has been praised by his friends in the industry.

Jung Joon Young is all set to release his first full album. The album comes with a video for the song ‘Echo’. The video was released on YouTube and his Facebook page calls Echo one of the tracks from his new album.

Jung Joon Young Comeback Album

Jung Joon Young is ready to cement his presence in the music industry again. The news of the comeback album was teased on Instagram. He captioned it, “I hope my album will be a great gift for you guys.”

I hope my album will be a great gift for you guys.

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The album releases on Feb. 7, 2017. The actor cum singer is also going to hold a solo concert later in the month. Young is not interested in going all out with the promotion of his album. He will be only performing his new songs on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, reports Soompi.

Young’s Return on 2 Days & 1 Night

Jung Joon Young returned to the show 2 Days & 1 Night. The television ratings of the show increased upon the actor’s return. The rest of his cast were more than happy to welcome him back. In one of the recent episodes, he was seen teasing his other cast members for forgetting him too quickly.


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During one of the episodes when Young was having a meal with the others, he pretended to sulk. He said, “From Kim Yoo Jung’s episode on, you stopped talking about me. Didn’t you even tell me to leave our group text?” He goes on to tease his mates by saying they ‘deserted him in only two weeks’.

Joon Young Hiatus From Showbiz

Jung Joon Young found himself in the middle of a scandal when his ex-girlfriend accused him of filming their intimate moments. The sex scandal took a major hit on the actor’s reputation. He was asked to withdraw from public appearances and also led to the cancellation of concerts.

The issue died down when it was proven that the video was taken with mutual consent. His ex-girlfriend withdrew her accusations as well. However, the damage was already done. All of this took a toll on the actor and he took a break.

Jung Joon Young went off to Paris for two months. He says, “I’m happy and doing well these days. It is not important to me that I went through hard time. I just felt apologetic to my family, fans, and those around me.”

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