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Jung Joon Young Comeback on 2 Days & 1 Night Boosts TV Ratings

Jung Joon Young has been MIA from 2 Days & 1 Night since his scandal broke out. After a long time of dark days, the singer is now seeing some hope. The singer and actor had to take a break from his career due to the negativity surrounding him.

Jung Joon Young return on the travel variety program 2 Days 1 Night gave a big boost to the show’s ratings. The ratings moved up 1% as against last week. The growth can be attributed to the return of Jung Joon Young.

Jung Joon Young Widely Accepted By South Korean Audience

Jung Joon Young comeback on the series pushed back MBC’s “Secretly Greatly” and SBS variety program “Running Man”. Both the programs were slotted on the second and third place respectively. The KBS show gained the first place among variety programs in the Sunday timeslot.

It looks like the singer is being accepted back amongst the South Korean audience. The latest episode of 2 Days & 1 Night saw Jung being given a task to climb up the second tallest mountain in South Korea, known as Jirisan, reports IBT. The challenge was divided into two tasks.

Image Source: Facebook/Jung Joon Young

Image Source: Facebook/Jung Joon Young

One task being climbing up the mountain, however, his cast members can only join him after his name is mentioned a certain amount of time. The second task seems tough as the fellow members pulled out number 30 from the lottery. They also did not know that the task involves calling out Jung Joon Young’s name.

Jung Joon Young: Aftermath of Scandal

The bad days began for the star when a sexual assault case was filed against him in September 2016 by his ex-girlfriend. The ex-partner accused the star of filming their intimate moments. However, the case took a turn when the girlfriend dropped all charges, putting an end to the case.

The damage was already done and the negativity surrounding the scandal took a big hit on Jung Joon Young public image. But the star found strength to make a comeback. He said, “I think I’ll be able to make a comeback soon because I’m almost in the final stages of completing my new album. Please be patient and wait just a little more as I want my first reunion with you to be through my music. Happy New Year.”

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