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Jung Il Woo Military Enlistment: Actor Disheartened About His Condition

Jung Il Woo military enlistment: The actor’s agency, HB Entertainment, confirmed on November 29 that the actor’s enlistment will happen this December. But because he plans to make a quiet registration, the agency did not reveal a specific date.

Because of his car crash in 2006, Jung Il Woo was expected to serve as a public service worker. The car crash, which also involved fellow actor Lee Min Ho, left Jung with a shattered wrist bone, fractured pelvic bone, and internal head haemorrhage. This caused the 49 Days actor to suffer from mild memory loss as well. On the other hand, Lee Min Ho broke his right thigh and ankle bone. Both actors spent months in the hospital before becoming active once again.

What is the actor suffering from?

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video "Cerebral Aneurysm" taken from the Nucleus Medical Media YouTube Channel

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video “Cerebral Aneurysm” taken from the Nucleus Medical Media YouTube Channel

After the news of the Jung Il Woo military enlistment confirmation was made, it was revealed that the actor was diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm. HB Entertainment also said, “In 2006, after a car accident, Jung Il Woo had been diagnosed with a concussion, cerebral hemorrhaging, and localized amnesia (memory loss of certain events, usually traumatic). Since about three years ago, he has had frequent headaches. After a medical examination, Jung Il Woo was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm”

According to Stroke Association, an aneurysm is a weak area in the blood vessel that causes it to enlarge. Once a person is diagnosed with aneurysm, it is required for him or her to get regular checkups to monitor blood pressure, imaging examination to see if the aneurysm grew in size, and even surgery. Small aneurysms don’t show symptoms but bigger ones can cause headache, problems with vision, and numbness.

Jung Il Woo Military Enlistment: How about his condition?

HB Entertainment also added that the Jung Il Woo’s condition was enough to request for an exemption from the mandatory military service. However, the actor was determined to push through with the service. Jung Il Woo even said, “It’s a shame that I cannot serve in the fullest way due to my condition.”

Regarding the Jung Il Woo military enlistment announcement, fans were worried for the actor. Aneurysm is considered a delicate condition. Once the blood vessel ruptures, the person may experience stroke or go into coma. In addition to that, the risk of the aneurysm to burst again will go higher, which can lead to higher brain damage and more aneurysms to develop.


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