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Jung Il Woo: Controversies Around Military Enlistments

With the military enlistment issue of Jung Il Woo, a Pandora’s box has been opened regarding the issue. The Korean actor has not been able to go through the enlistment due to injuries that came with a car accident in 2006. However, after recovering from the injuries, the actor decided to serve his country by enlisting in the military in December.

The injuries that came with the accident include a shattered wrist bone, fractured pelvic bone, and internal head hemorrhage. Jung Il Woo also suffered minor memory loss owing to the accident. It came as a surprise, however, when his agency confirmed that he will be going through the military enlistment in 2016. Many wondered how the actor will manage with his health condition.

What Is Military Enlistment?

Conscription or mandatory military service or compulsory national service for males aged between 18 and 30. Every male, be it a commoner or a celebrity needs to go through this process. Some look at it as a national duty while others as a chore, reports Brown Political Review.

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In the nation’s culture, this process reflects as a male moving from adolescence to manhood. Trying to bypass the military enlistment may lead to losing the citizenship in South Korea. Some celebrities have gone the same way and taken citizenship in another country to avoid the service.

Controversies Surrounding Military Enlistments

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In 2002, Korean-American pop singer Steve Yoo gave up on his Korean nationality to head to the USA. However, this move proved costly to his career as the government considered it an act of desertion and deported him, banning him from entering the country permanently.

Another popular South Korean actor faced severe criticism from the public after trying to dodge this service. Song was excused from conscription by claiming to have diabetes and high blood pressure, but that was found by the South Korean government to be false. Public outrage compelled him to issue an apology and get drafted in military for service.

Jung Il Woo made his draft into the military and will now be serving for two years. The actor will be spending 4 weeks in basic military training before carrying out his duty as a public service worker for 2 years. Jung Il Woo is known for starring in Unstoppable High Kick, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, and Cinderella and Four Knights.

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