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Josh And Anna Duggar: Is Divorce Long Overdue

Rumors are rife that Josh and Anna Duggar are heading for a divorce. On a serious note, that might turn out just fine. For Anna, at least!

Scandals after scandals within the family is giving the Duggars all the bad press. Jim Bob and Michelle’s eldest son Josh became a scapegoat after coming clean about molesting his own sisters. His misdemeanors didn’t quite stop there, however. Josh’s sex and pornography addiction saw him take a trip to rehab too. Not to mention, his philandering ways. Despite everything, Josh and Anna Duggar were together as a family. Turns out, it might not remain so for long.

Josh And Anna Duggar: Family And Relationship

The 28-year olds have four kids of their own from years of marriage. By and large, their marriage was a torrid affair for the most part. From the time Josh’s shenanigans became public, Anna had to face embarrassing moments – in public and within family. Speaking of family, Josh is the black sheep from the time his sexual scandal saw the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting.

Hollywood Life sheds the light on the latest developments between Josh and Anna Duggar and it’s bad news. Bad news, depending on how one looks at it. Keeping all of Josh’s illicit activities in mind, Anna is better off without him, may be. Moreover, he seems unlikely to turn over a new leaf after her persistent efforts. Adding to their woes is the lawsuit filed by one, Matthew McCarthy, alleging the misuse of his photo.

Josh had used Matthew’s picture in OkCupid and Ashley Madison, the lawsuit claims. For starters, being in Ashley Madison is a good enough reason in itself for a divorce. Anna had stood by Josh’s side, regardless. May be for the sake of her kids or may be not, but she stood supportive of him. Not anymore. She’s over and done with Josh Duggar.

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The Rumors

It’s imperative to shift the focus on the stories from the grapevine. Firstly, Anna and Josh aren’t sharing the same bed. Even though she contemplates divorce, she has apprehensions about it, obviously. She got cold feet earlier about meeting her lawyers fearing that the paparazzi might spot her. Latest rumor has it that she’s finally ready to pull the plug on her marriage at any cost.

Secondly, the financial angle to the story comes up. In case the divorce comes through, Anna is likely to get a hefty spousal support from Josh. Not that he has a choice in the matter, anyway! Considering that the Duggar family is quite well off, that shouldn’t be a problem. Jim and Michelle have no ill-feeling towards Anna too.

There are people and then there are people like Josh Duggar. A beautiful wife, four kids, loving family, yet he couldn’t do right by their side. Shame.

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