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Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis Reunite, But Only Hangout As Friends!

The newly-divorced actor Johnny Depp and his former partner Vanessa Paradis are purportedly  back together. Amber Heard’s ex has been reportedly seen flirting while having a cosy romantic dinner with Paradis in Los Angeles.

Previously, the Pirates of the Caribbean star has finalized his messy divorce with Heard. The two reached for a settlement, in which Depp paid a whopping $7 million as agreed upon by both parties. It can be recalled that the pair ended their marriage due to the case filed by the actress.

Depp has been accused of domestic violence. He allegedly abused Heard physically and verbally.

However, the restraining order was withdrawn and the two released a public statement assuring that neither of them made a false accusation for financial gain. It also stated that “there was never intent of physical or emotional harm.”

In recent times, Johnny Depp might be in the process of reconciliation with his former and long-term partner Vanessa Paradis. reported that that the actor is moving on from his nasty divorce. He allegedly sought comfort in the arms of his ex.

The tabloid noted OK! Magazine’s report claiming that the former couple was spotted together while having a cosy dinner at a romantic restaurant in Los Angeles. An onlooker divulged that the two were “flirting” with each other in a corner at the end of the bar. They did not even  care if there were people looking at them.

The snitch suggested that it seemed like the 53-year-old actor did not want to leave Paradis’ side. He reportedly followed the French actress into the bathroom.

Depp and Paradis split amicably in 2012. The two decided to end their relationship after being together for 14 years. While rumors continue to make rounds, the actor and his ex have not commented on the issues yet, so readers have to take it lightly.

Meanwhile, noted that Lily-Rose Depp, commended Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis‘ parenting tyle. She said that her parents were not “very strict.”

The 17-year-old actress explained that her parents have always trusted her to be independent and make her own decisions. She added that there was not “really anything to rebel against.”

Photo source: Facebook

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