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Johnny Depp Net Worth: Actor Nearing Bankruptcy, Court Documents Imply

Johnny Depp Net Worth was soaring for the past decade, no doubt. Reversal of fortune looms for the versatile actor now. Read on.

Depp’s financial woes came into the forefront after he sued his former financial management team earlier last month. Ironically, the company, The Management Group [TMG], filed a counter lawsuit against Johnny. Also, they allege that he spent in excess of $2 million every month to satiate his sumptuous lifestyle. Here is the current status of Johnny Depp net worth.

Johnny Depp Net Worth

First things first, Johnny has had an impressive career so far. Besides, he shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Contrary to the colorful image he paints, his career has taken a downhill over the recent years. He had $400 million in excess not so long ago, but not anymore. Thanks to his flamboyant lifestyle, he is in the brink of ruin now.

People reports the counter-complaint filed by TMG that concisely explains Johnny’s expenditure. Furthermore, the figures speak for themselves of the over-spending. Depp’s fixations with collectibles and art have got the better of him, it seems. Not to mention, the divorce settlement with Amber Heard added fuel to the fire.

Johnny’s lawyers maintain that TMG’s mismanagement and misappropriation of funds are to blame for the actor’s woes. TMG’s statement begs to differ on that, of course. Spokespersons for TMG say that they gave enough warning about the ongoing expenditures to Johnny – even suggested a pre-nup. Johnny, however, ran a tirade on his business team and stuck to his guns.

Johnny’s Lawsuit

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is claiming $25 million in compensation from TMG. In the complaint, lawyers state that the company took an hefty amount as their fees. Not only did they not consent Johnny, but also failed to pay the taxes on time, they allege. Subsequently, Johnny had to pay a fine for the delay in payment.

In addition to their counter allegations, TMG has filed another case regarding a loan they gave to Johnny in 2012. Turns out, he hasn’t made the payments back. Prima facie points at a possible shortcoming from Depp’s end, but nothing is for certain. The actor’s ill-temper made the news earlier and now his negligent spending has taken over.

Under the circumstances, it’s safe to say that Johnny Depp net worth isn’t quite what it was earlier. Funny how a 17-year run between Depp and TMG had to take an ugly course. It was in the best interests of both the parties to settle it behind closed doors. It’s too much too late for that now, anyway.

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