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Johnny Depp Latest News: Dark Wizard Actor Slammed by Netizens; Takes on Gay Love Storyline

Social media’s hate is currently targeted at Johnny Depp who is set to be part of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2. The actor is confirmed to be portraying Gellert Grindelwald and his character is rumored to be part of the LGBT community.

Hot controversies started circling around Depp since his divorce from Amber Heard is plagued with reports of domestic abuse. Upon hearing the news, online users began to lash negative comments towards the ‘80s icon.

Some cursed at Depp and others demanded that a recast for Grindelwald must be done. One post reportedly suggested a petition.

International Business Times shared the official statement about Depp’s role from the film’s director, David Yates. The director stressed that Depp signed the contract for the Harry Potter spinoff movie long before gossips about his personal life came tothe  surface. Yates then pointed out the decision to cast the popular leading man was due to his “pure talent” and “brilliance.”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 is believed to be hitting the theaters in 2018. Most Hogwarts fans would expect that Grindelwald will have a classic villain back story. But the most recent Harry Potter spoilers suggest that Grindelwald will not be the traitor, that he is known today, to Albus Dumbledore just yet.

An alleged plot reveals that Johnny Depp will be seen as Dumbledore’s former love interest. The author turned screenwriter, J.K Rowling admitted that Dumbledore was gay and he will treat Grindelwald as the center of his affection. The story angle ensures that the future Hogwarts headmaster will be devastated when his friend turns on him.

Vanity Fair speculated that Jared Harris, the son of the late Richard Harris is one of the main candidates to star opposite Depp as Dumbledore. Richard was the first to portray the wizarding legend in the Potter franchise. The film’s producers are also open to casting Harris but also expressed they would listen to the other suggestions of fans.

Moving on, Depp’s Grinderwald will be taking advantage of his admirer’s love in order to gain more power. The foe is further described as self-centered and strategic.

Despite criticisms, Yates’ statements seal the fact that Johnny Depp will remain as Grinderwald’s actpr. Fans of Harry Potter might see him in a cameo act in the first movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, this Nov.18.

Photo Source: Angela George via Wikimedia Commons 

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