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Jimmy Kimmel Live Host Contemplating Retirement

Say it ain’t so. Jimmy Kimmel is contemplating retiring from hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live, a stint he held since 2003. The late-night TV host, who has been the face of the highly rated evening talk show for more than a decade, is planning to say goodbye on his own terms.

The host’s contract with ABC will expire in the fall of 2019. Speaking to Variety, as quoted by People, Kimmel said he is thinking about retiring from late-night hosting and focusing on other things that matter to him. Don’t fret, though, because he confirmed he’ll be finishing his contract with ABC for another three years.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Will Go Off Air?

It’s possible “that will be it, referring to his 2019 contract, for Kimmel. The 49-year-old’s wife is pregnant now, so he’d like to have a little more free time away from hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I have very little free time as it is.”

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Kimmel is notoriously known for spending 70 hours a week at work. He personally takes care of preparing for the show, and makes sure that everything is in order. “I want to go out on my own terms. If I ever feel like we’re repeating ourselves, I think it’s a good indication that it’s time.”

Don’t get him wrong. Kimmel said he will definitely miss the grind of show business once he officially retires. But, if he ever wants to do something creatively, it doesn’t have to always be in the show business.

Kimmel shared that he likes drawing and sculpting, and has even thought about writing his own book. However, doing the show every day doesn’t allow him to be as creative as he wants to be. He usually commits a ton of his personal time making sure the show is topnotch.

A source told Hollywood Life that technology will likely play a role in Kimmel’s future endeavors. It’s also possible that the TV host will still be involved in the show, though he’ll probably do it a few times a week and not every single day.

Jimmy Is Ready To Host The Oscars

This Sunday, we’ll get to catch Kimmel host the 89th Academy Awards. The TV host admitted he’s a little nervous about it. He said he’s familiar with the work, the baggage, and the criticisms that come with hosting such a big event.

He also admitted that politics will be a part of his monologue, though that won’t be the entirety of it. The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live hopes he can walk away Sunday night “unscathed.”

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